Forsaty Challenge


Unilever wanted to promote Dove, Lipton, Sunsilk, and Pond’s and Unilever wanted to reach to the girls across the MENA region and build a stronger relationship with them.


Each of the brands had a different messaging so the challenge was related to spreading the different messages to the audience.


Unilever partnered with Mint, Google, and us to work on the 360 digital strategy and executed a massive campaign. We brought in some of the biggest influencers in the region. Like Fozaza, Hayla, Hayfaand Eswara.

We created a challenge providing an opportunity for girls to be the next Vlogger.  The girls were asked to answer different challenges that was represented by each brand and influencer.

We developed a microsite and a YouTube page where girls were able to upload their videos and keep updated with all the news from the brands and influencers.

In  less than 3 months, we had 400,000+ subscribers on YouTube and 4,500+ registrations on the microsite